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Indoor Air Quality Video

This short video shares some shocking and revealing facts about the air you breathe in your homes. New science has uncovered the fact that In-Door Air is 6 to 10 times as polluted as the air outside you home. Learn more about what the EPA is calling the 4th biggest threat to our environment and how to protect your family.


Premium Purity Air Purity Package APCO System

Incidence of asthma and other breathing related disorders is up over 40% in the last 40 years. This 3 minute video gives a complete overview of the our premier Air Purification system and recognized industry leader FreshAire UV. Learn about the importance of IN-Door Air Quality and how it can impact your health.


UL  Indoor Air Quality Video

It may be difficult to believe these facts when you hear them from a manufacturer of an Air Purification System. Now you can hear it from the most trusted name in science. Learn what United Laboratories has to say about the dangers of poorIndoor Air Quality. Visit our PDF library as well for more information.