An air conditioner operating to its optimal energy efficiency level is incredibly beneficial that includes: An increased lifespan of your Air Conditioning Unit Comfortable home in a consistent air temperature Decreasing energy bills But in order to achieve that you have to follow certain how-to tips. Read further on to know the basic tips on […]

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Do you sneeze a lot at home? Maybe you’re probably about to have a cold or probably your home’s indoor air quality is low and has a high level of contaminants everywhere. This video may be a bit funny but seriously, when sneezing problem keeps recurring inside your home, it has to stop! A deficient […]


The Aeroseal duct sealing system, developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, can seal ducts from the inside. Holes and cracks up to 5/8-in. wide can be sealed, and air leakage may be reduced by up to 90 percent, claims Aeroseal. David Byrnes, a Phoenix, Arizona energy auditor, acknowledges the benefits of Aeroseal in his […]